What is an Indoor Patron?

Any bowling member of a Club that is affiliated to the Surrey County Indoor Bowling Association may become a Patron, regardless of his experience or skill at bowls. Life Membership is only £10.

As a Surrey Indoor Patron you can apply for any or all of the Surrey Patrons’ games and meet fellow Patrons playing in matches with that competitive spirit, as well as making many new friends. These matches are arranged against most of the other Indoor Clubs affiliated to the County, the County Executive and other Counties’ Patrons Associations, the exception being that you would not normally be selected to play against your own Club.



  Ref: Day Date Opponent Rinks Venue Time
  P1 Sun 15-Oct Croydon Patrons 6 Croydon IBC 14:00
  P2 Weds 18-Oct Donyngs Patrons 6 Donyngs IBC 14:00
  P3 Thurs 02-Nov Sutton Patrons 6 Sutton IBC 14:00
  P4 Thurs 09-Nov Mole Valley Patrons 4 Mole Valley IBC 14:30
  P5 Weds 15-Nov Wey Valley Patrons 6 Wey Valley IBC 14:30
  P6 Sat 02-Dec King George Patrons 6 King George Field IBC 14:00
  P7 Weds 13-Dec SCWIBA Patrons 6 King George Field IBC 14:00
  P8 Thurs 04-Jan Sussex Patrons 6 Croydon IBC 14:00
  P9 Tue 16-Jan Camberley Patrons 4 Camberley & Dist. IBC 14:15
  P10 Sun 18-Feb London Scottish BA 6 Camberley & Dist. IBC 14:15
  P11 Sun 04-Mar Temple Patrons 3 Temple IBC 14:30
  P12 Wed 28-Mar Egham Patrons 6 Egham IBC 14:15


Application forms to play in all Patrons games are available at every club or on the link  here: